Baron Premium Cocktail Shaker S/S Mirror - 3 parts - 510ml

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tea drinking, the art of forging and other arts is such a high priority, the mixing of cocktails is not accomplished without the highest standards of precision, elegance and professionalism.

This shaker, to put it modestly, is a gem; You will notice this as soon as you take it out of the box.

The polished stainless steel is noticeably thicker than usual and has a chrome-like luster. The harmonious design is particularly striking, which of course is of great importance. The mug is slightly less bulging than most of its comrades and is decorated by finely milled grooves. The middle section extends over elegantly curved steps upwards. The cover also has fine milling grooves.

But how these three parts fit into one another reveals the true perfectionism. One can not help but open the cup and the top again and again; It is fascinating how seamlessly and effortlessly the parts were matched.

Experts will say that these shakers with the right shaking technique produce a different, more pleasant sound through the ice cubes. Others claim that cocktails cool in these shakers better.
We can only promise one thing: Just as this shaker feels, looks and is made, you are happy to believe it all.


  • Dishwasher Safe

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