Cocktail Strainer - Fine Mesh - Stainless Steel

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This close meshed strainer organizes your bar in a very clean and efficient way. When preparing cocktails by using common shaker - Boston or tripartite - place this strainer on top of the guest's glass and pour the drink into it. If you use a Boston or two-piece shaker, we recommend to use an additional strainer to place on top of the shaker. During the double strain you will notice that the first strainer will hold back coarse ingredients such as ice cubes and large fruits pieces. The fine strainer on top of the glass will strain small pieces such as kernels or herbs. Classic drinks like Martinis are usually double strained as well. That way, no ice splinters, caused by stirring, will get into the guest´s glass and dilute the drink.


  • Diameter: 10cm Length: 24cm
  • Dishwasher Safe

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