Professional Sauce pan/Casserole - Stainless Steel

Size: 18cm
Title: Non Induction
Sale price$37.00
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Diameter Height Volume
16cm 9cm
1.5 liter
9.5cm 2 liter
10cm 3 liter
22cm 10.5cm
3.5 liter
24cm 12cm
The real professional cooking equipment used by chefs in the hospitality field. Heavy Duty stainless steel 18/20. Ergonomical handles. Can be used in oven. 
  • Industrial for Professional Chefs
  • Special stainless steel body.
  • Base covered with metallic stainless steel disk for induction.
  • induction & Non induction Available.
  • Reinforced edge.
  • Handles are insulated stainless steel tube and “stay cool” to prevent heat diffusing.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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