Professional Cooking Pot - Suitable for Oven & Induction

Size: 24cm
Sale price$181.50
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Diameter Height Volume
24cm 12cm 5.4 liter
28cm 14cm 8.6 liter
32cm 16cm 12.8 liter


Matfer Bourgeat (Made in France) kitchen equipment are the benchmark for demanding chefs in the hospitality field. The Characteristics are:

1. Unequalled robustness.
2. Design that combines cooking performance with ergonomics.
3. Suitable for all heat sources including induction and goes to the oven.
4. Handles are perfectly watertight (no risk of bacteria development)
5. The angle at the base and area around the handle are designed for easy cleaning.

  • Special stainless steel body.
  • Sandwich aluminum base bottom with shape memory.
  • Base covered with metallic stainless steel disk for induction.
  • Reinforced edge.
  • Handles are insulated stainless steel tube and “stay cool” to prevent heat diffusing.
  • French standard NF and US NSF Approved

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