Stonecast Raw Black Coupe Bowl 42.6cl

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Diameter: 18.2cm     Capacity: 42.6cl

Introducing a new Stonecast collection for Spring 2021, rustic and earthy Stonecast Raw is finished in the semi-matte Vellum glaze.

Stonecast Raw has a muted and tactile feel with warm, organic tones inspired by natural materials and stripped back interior design. Decorated underglaze, Raw features a hand applied rustic edge band and durable, semi-matte glaze that is engineered to withstand a busy hospitality environment.

The initial Stonecast Raw launch includes 2 colors, Black and Brown, available on core rounds and feature piece triangles and oblongs.

Churchill blend centuries of experience with cutting edge technology and design innovation to produce one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world.
Churchill’s UK manufactured tableware is precisely engineered to perform to the demands of the hospitality environment. Every step in the process is practiced and refined. From the sourcing of raw materials and unique formulation of the clay body, to shape engineering and numerous quality checks ensuring that Churchill products work as hard as you do. Top industry chefs choose Churchill over other brands due to the performance, expertise and design of our ceramics adding value to their hospitality operations.

8 Reasons why a Churchill late is more than just a plate;

• PERFORMANCE MATERIALS Churchill’s unique clay recipe is essential in creating a strong and durable product for the hospitality industry. Their raw materials are selected to deliver the optimum balance of strength and whiteness.

• ENGINEERED SHAPE & FORM Every piece of Churchill’s ceramic is designed with performance in mind. Through expert shape engineering, they reinforce strength and durability while continual investment in technology guarantees functionality and consistent quality.

• VITRIFICATION & FIRING 100% of Churchill’s ceramics are vitrified which is essential to the hospitality industry. Through the process of vitrification, the particle structure of our ceramic body becomes strong, dense and watertight.

• GLAZING Their glaze is hard wearing and designed specifically for the hospitality environment. The durability is a combination of the glaze recipe, the firing temperature and substrate. Their Eco Glaze is specially formulated to be re-usable, minimizing its impact on the environment.

• QUALITY & PERFORMANCE Churchill ceramics are continuously tested and quality checked, from the stage of raw materials, throughout the manufacturing process to the final fired piece.

• DESIGN INNOVATION Churchill are experts in ceramic design and at the forefront of innovation. Their entire product portfolio is designed in the UK by an experienced and talented design team. They work with chefs from around the world ensuring they have an understanding of the needs of their customers.

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