Professional Cooking pot with lid/Casserole - Stainless Steel

Size: 16cm
Title: Non Induction
Sale price$34.50
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Diameter Height Volume
16cm 11cm
2 liter
3 liter
13cm 4 liter
22cm 13.5cm liter
24cm 14.5cm liter
26cm 15.5cm liter
28cm 17cm 10 liter
The real professional cooking equipment used by chefs in the hospitality field. Heavy Duty stainless steel 18/20. Ergonomical handles. Can be used in oven. 
  • Industrial for Professional Chefs
  • Special stainless steel body.
  • Base covered with metallic stainless steel disk for induction.
  • induction & Non induction Available.
  • Reinforced edge.
  • Handles are insulated stainless steel tube and “stay cool” to prevent heat diffusing.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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