Stonecast Patina Burnished Green Round Organic Plate 26.4cm

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Stonecast Patina is inspired by tones and surface texture created naturally over time, shaped on organic materials such as metal, stone, leather and wood. The earthy, reactive tones are hand decorated in the UK, making each piece unique and individual.

In a range of stunning items, Stonecast Patina allows you to be individual. Sophisticated Burnished Green, Antique Taupe, Iron Black, Vintage Copper and Rustic Teal provide the perfect base for a wide range of fresh and creative food presentation.

• Super Vitrified Body – Super Vitrified is a vitreous body that does not absorb moisture, it is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties. Its high resistance to thermal shock helps reduce breakages and provides superior strength.

• Superior Glaze Finish – Protected by Churchill’s ecoglaze, a high performance glaze that enhances product performance, prolonging the life of the product, improving stain and metal mark resistance and durability.

• Fully Glazed Base on all Flatware – Prevents damage when stacking.

• Improved Face Profile – A defined rim edge to improve food presentation.

• Strong and Streamlined – Lightweight, attractive product with a rolled edge that is more than capable in any back of house environment.

• Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

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