Weck Mini Jar - 220ml

Package: Pack of 1
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Width 6cm
Height 8cm
Volume 220ml

 WECK Jars are high-quality glass jars crafted to help make our lives easier and more sustainable. These jars are made in Germany with the highest quality elements. While crafted for canning, our jars make the perfect compliment to a more sustainable home and great for storage of all kinds. WECK Jars are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Why customers love it: Mold Jar is popular for garnishes, single serving desserts, and overnight oats. Customers enjoy the wide opening of the glass, and the jar’s single serving size that is perfect for storage or a meal. Customers also like this jar for candles, food and leftover storage, and spice displays. This jar is very popular for meal prepping side dishes. If shopping for lid alternatives like wood, cork or keep fresh cover, select lid size large.

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