Coffee Grinder / Mill Wood - Bin capacity 30g

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Dimension 20x9cm
Height 14cm
Volume 30g


First-class material, excellent quality and precise function is what the name Zassenhaus, the leading manufacturer of manual coffeemills, has been standing for since 1867. The Zassenhaus coffee mills are built to grind coffee the PERFECT way.
The original Zassenhaus conical burr grinder, machined from high grade tool steel and hardened, guarantees to produce a proper grind, suitable for any coffee brewing system, and to maintain their optimum cutting edges.
The step-less adjustment guarantees a consistent uniform grind from coarse to powder-fine, with the least possible heat build-up, to protect the most delicate flavors of gourmet coffee.
Zassenhaus coffee mills are manufactured to the highest standards.

  • 25 year guarantee on the grinder

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