Coffee Maker - Coffee Drip 750ml

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Height 13cm
Diameter 12cm
Volume 750ml

With the new coffee gourmet line for all things coffee enjoyment, Zassenhaus, as a leading manufacturer of manual coffee grinders, is also offering coffee makers for the first time. The special filter methods ensure optimal development of the coffee aroma.

When does a drop of water sound most beautiful? For coffee lovers, the answer is clear. When he makes his way through the Zassenhaus COFFEE DRIP coffee maker . On its journey through the fine-meshed double filter made of stainless steel, it takes the full aroma of the freshly ground coffee powder with it. While the jug made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass fills, the scent of the hot drink spreads into the kitchen.

Coffee pot with filter attachment and lid. "Coffee Drip " impresses with its clear design and easy handling. Preparation and serving in one container. With double filter for particularly beautiful brewing without paper filter.

  • Pour in ground coffee
  • Pour hot (approx. 92 - 95 ° C) water over them
  • To let go
  • Remove the filter, put on the lid and enjoy your coffee
  • Heat-resistant borosilicate glass - stainless steel - silicone

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