Pourer Professional with tapered jet control - Premium Cork

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Length 9.5cm
Diameter 2.2cm

This pourer is furnished with a curved pouring spout and tapers off. Therefore you can pointedly pour liquids in a cocktail glass or mixing glass. The collar frames the natural or polycork and the pouring spout is seamlessly fixed. Additionally the air pipe provides you a slowly and constantly flow. Therefore you can regulate the spurt with your finger. Choose your metal-pourer, whether with a polycork or with a natural cork. Finally this pourer is made of chrome plated brass, a material which isn´t suitable for sour drinks and vinegar. Consequently it is a durable bar supply and an excellent partner for gastronomic establishments.

  • Fits most bottles up to a 2.1cm diameter
  • Accurate dash when full or almost empty

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