1 Glass Skull Tiki Cocktail Mug - 700ml

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Width 13.7cm
Depth 11.5cm
Height 11.5cm
Capacity 700ml

Tiki mugs are ceramic cocktail drinking glasses that originated in Polynesian tropical-themed restaurants. This wide Tiki mug is made of clear glass and is available in two different sizes. It appearance is based on a skull and as it seems to be smiling. The mug stands stable on the table. Further the rim is even and slightly rounded off. Use this skull Tiki mug for creepy cocktails like the Zombie (check out the recipe downwards). Moreover we recommend you this mug to Halloween partys, for classic Tiki bars and for further gastronomic establishments as well as for your private house bar. Your guests will be surprised!

  • Dishwasher Safe

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