Studio Prints Stone Pearl Grey Chefs’ Oblong Plates 29.8 x 15.3 cm

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Dimensions: 29.8 x 15.3 cm

Studio Prints collections are a contemporary take on traditional studio pottery. Stone, a range within the collection is inspired by the traditional process of hand carving ceramics from natural stone. Emulating tones and textures of nature, Studio Prints Stone has all the durability and technical reassurance required for the hospitality environment.

The Stone Range is available in Agate Grey, Aquamarine, Pearl Grey, Quartz Black and Zircon Brown. All the colorways have been produced to compliment the other ranges within the Studio Prints family and work well with Stonecast too.

Manufactured in the UK, Studio Prints are achieved with Churchill’s innovative print process. The print is positioned directly under the glaze, creating a protective layer over the decoration. The ranges provide all of the durability and technical reassurance required for a hospitality environment.

As the casual dining industry evolves and innovates the tableware used becomes more creative, color and shape combine to elevate simple but perfectly cooked dishes.


Feature & Benefits:

• Super Vitrified Body – Super Vitrified is a vitreous body that does not absorb moisture, it is more hygienic and has better heat retention properties. Its high resistance to thermal shock helps reduce breakages and provides superior strength.

• Superior Glaze Finish – Protected by Churchill’s ecoglaze, a high-performance glaze that enhances product performance, prolonging the life of the product, improving stain and metal mark resistance and durability.

• Underglaze Decoration – Studio Print designs are printed underglaze, this creates a protective layer to add lasting durability and improve performance during service use.

• Uniqueness through print – Each piece is unique as printing creates variety in the tones of light and dark color, whilst reactive prints acquire texture and color through random and spontaneous effects.

• Fully Glazed Base on all Flatware – Prevents damage when stacking.

• Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

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